Tim Twisselman and His Love of the Ordinary

Tim Twisselman and His Love of the Ordinary - Illustration.jpg

“Tim was not lonely, he was in fact, quite content. Still, something was missing, but what that thing was wasn’t exact.”

The idea for Tim Twisselman was spawned while on an impromptu road trip to San Francisco with my ex high school sweetheart. This all started because I had been in a bit of a creative rut for a few months and was having a hard time writing anything with any sense of life behind it. So my best friend, and aforementioned ex boyfriend, thought it would be a good idea to get away for awhile. Had I not succumbed to this off-the-cuff mini vacation Tim Twisselman would have never existed.

While falling in and out of sleep in the passenger side seat of his silver Honda Civic, I peered out the window and caught a glimpse of a sign labeled Twisselman Road. I thought it was an interesting name, but didn’t give it much thought until later. Once in San Francisco, after a long day of exploring the city, we stumbled across a very peculiar interactive museum called Musée Mécanique. A lot of their unique penny arcade games further spawned my idea for creating a story involving either puppets or a Claymation-style type story consisting of flawed characters.

I decided to begin writing a story of a character named Tim Twisselman who lived quite an ordinary life, unaware of how unhappy he was, until he met someone who suddenly helped him see his life as extraordinary. I wanted to write a simple short with a fantastical element that dealt with love and taking chances. And that’s just what the story of Tim Twisselman and His Love of the Ordinary touches upon.