2 thoughts on “Us; Rewritten

  1. “Go all in!” Words to live by. I to have lived, loved, and loss. I believe it’s the experiences that shape you into the person you are today. Right now. I read your words and can totally relate. So many experiences flash through my mind. The love. The constant high of being in love with every beat of your heart. The butterflies. The loss. The broken pieces that seem like it will take an eternity to put back together. The loneliness. But we live and move on. I think it’s the hopeless romantic in us that keeps us searching and never settling even though it so easy to. One day it will all make sense! One day…

    ; the story never ends


  2. “Vegas” is correct. The story never ends. Don’t be afraid to pursue that happiness. The pursuit beats the “what if.” Let the rest of the world fade into the background, as each endless moment encapsulates you. Love can be complicated, and hurtful; it can also be the strongest bond known. It can be not only hard to explain, but yet experienced by one look, one word, one smile.
    Don’t give up on it. This world needs heroes that have “heart, and courage”


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